Saturday Night Crackups began about 30 years ago as the vision of Ryan Sharp. At age 12, he performed Bill Cosby’s “Dentist” routine and was so popular as a comedian that teachers would set aside class time for Sharp to perform in front of the students. During recess, he wrote comedy skits and prepared for his future as a comedy writer and filmmaker. Soon his sketch comedy shows were entertaining fans throughout the local community. He continued to write and produce comedy shows throughout high school and college. The skits vary in style and content. Some concepts are way out there and others are comments on society from the perspective of Sharp who seems to have a keen insight into what the average American is thinking and feeling. He credits much of his writing talent to distinct life experiences working in very diverse fields; everything from a church janitor to a financial aid officer to a public school bus driver. This diversification has given Sharp a uniquely keen insight, of which he believes is crucial to writing compelling stories about real people and real problems. One time, while working for a roofing contractor, Sharp realized that all of his co-workers were literally former felons, while he worked at a church as a janitor. What a great concept for comedy. In another instance, he worked for a loading dock in a hot polluted factory. Every morning it seemed, a co-worker, who knew Mr. Sharp was a Christian, warned him “I put a hex on you today.” It was a fairly threatening thing at the time but Sharp turned it into comedy.

Sharp has written almost all of the show’s concepts and scripts and produced over 100 episodes. He has also written dramatic scripts and produced various short films as well. Today, Mr. Sharp continues to write scripts, books, and essays on the most clamant issues of our day. He is a grass roots activist working to preserve the Constitution and founding principles of the United States through uncompromised bold outreach and education. In 2017, Sharp founded Perennial Film Festival with the mission to provide filmmakers with a platform to connect, learn, and reach people with quality stories via the video and film craft. After two successful seasons, due to the Covid 19 situation, Sharp, along with thousands of other festivals, had to end operations. So immediately, Sharp began work on a new online streaming service with a similar mission of his festival. The service is called Independent Film Institute and provides a variety of great entertainment while also providing opportunities for talented filmmakers to learn, network with others, and reach a global audience. The films, not only entertain, but encourage conversation. Films celebrate individual freedom and true independent thought, often challenging environmentalism, feminism, and political correctness.

Sharp is signed with a talent agent, and has been featured in national and local commercials. He has a unique ability to play any character and create voices for radio or animated films. He has his own weekly podcast and has performed on other radio shows as “Quint” from the movie Jaws. As well, he impersonates Johnny Cash, Elvis, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, and a variety of entertainers. Beyond acting, singing, and voice work, Sharp has plenty of experience behind the camera. He has boomed, mixed audio, and created foley. He has been assistant camera operator and lighting director; as well as, cinematographer, director, and producer for commercials and short films. Sharp is available for anyone in need of these services and is also a Script Consultant who, again, has written a variety of scripts and authored a 66,000 word novel. Many scripts are still waiting to be produced. To contact Mr. Sharp, send an email to: director@saturdaynighcrackups.com.